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Post 29

February 13, 2009

Hey Everyone,

  Since saturday is Valentine’s day I thought it would be a good time for some cheesecake! Hope you guys aren’t on a diet. valentinespidey1Have a good weekend everyone!



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January 30, 2009

Happy Friday Internet,

  Oh… My… God… It’s an actual SKETCH!!!  That’s right, this week I decided to stop myself at a point where a normal person might loosely be able to call this a sketch.(*Guilty Pause*)  Ok fine, it’s finished pencils for an illustration.  I’ve had multiple comments from my friends at the studio about the subjective “sketchiness” of the illustrations I often do for the blog. *Cough* *Cough* Colleen Coover * Cough* * Cough*  My philosophy when starting this blog was mostly that these were to be illustrations or drawings I do for myself or about projects and things I enjoy.  If I often go overboard, it is out of pure enjoyment.

This week however I decided it might be nice to show my art in a slightly less finished form.  The subject matter this week is about as nerdy as it gets. A couple months ago I  retired a D&D character of mine, due to my DM having to move to the midwest. This week, I decided that I would do a final sketch of  him as a sort of send off. So… this image is how I would imagine he would want to be remembered. Looking manly with a big sword… and magic… and a cool set of armoroh yeah and some scantily clad damsels in distress.(Right about now is the part where I  cringe as the world screams NERD!!! in unison.) 

aidencommisionAiden Harlock Fighter 1/ Warmage 8… We hardly knew ye…

P.S. If you would like to check out more illustrations and character drawings from that game you can check out THIS BLOG. The upshot to gaming with a bunch of cartoonists is that you get some nice Geeky fan art.

Till Next week


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December 24, 2008

  Hey Internet,

It sure has been a while since I was able to post. The holidays have a way of coming down on us all and I am no exception. I hope to get back on schedule beginning next year. Till then I hope you all enjoy this holiday illustration. I wish everyone happy and safe holidays. See you next year…


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November 13, 2008

Hey Everybody,

  This week by popular demand I am giving you The Sensational SHE-HULK! I’m also posting it a little early because I am going on a family trip with my wife and company tomorrow and I will be gone on Friday. I’m off to enjoy the rain filled fun to be had at the Oregon beach. I hope you enjoy the sketch.

she-hulkcolorTill Next Week,


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October 30, 2008

Hey Everybody,

  Happy Halloween!!!!! This week it was a little hard to decide what to do. It’s Halloween, so I wanted to do something along that theme. I also wanted to let everyone know that, not only is the first chapter of “The Ravens’ Gambit” ( The creator owned project I’m doing with fellow cartoonist Susan Tardif ) completed, BUT, it is also up on the web. Thats right, the entire first chapter is up and available to be read on its own brand spankin’ new website . In the end I decided to mix the two themes together and dress the main characters of Ravens’ in some fun Halloween attire . 

(Check out the website and get the lowdown on all the characters in their normal habitat.)

  Enjoy your candy everybody!


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October 18, 2008

That Girl is POISON!!! Oh man, I can’t believe I made that joke. Ok, so I managed to go a whole 2 posts without drawing a pretty lady. I hope you all aren’t too disappointed. I was going for something a little more cheesecake with this one. I’m not sure I quite got there. I still enjoyed it though. I hope you do as well. 

Till Next Week,


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October 6, 2008

Hey Everybody,

 I’m just getting back on track after finishing the first Issue of Raven’s Gambit, which now has its own Website ( I’m also deeply entrenched in the coloring process of my second “Twilight Zone” Graphic Novel.  I did this Wonder Woman illustration for a Local Fundraiser for Domestic Violence Shelters and hotlines run by Andy Mangels. The original illustration is in B/W but I thought it would be nice to Color it and display it here since I was pretty happy with how it came out. I hope you enjoy it as well.


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September 11, 2008

Hey Everybody, 

 This week Its the White Queen… Fancy…

Come back again Next week!


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July 23, 2008

This week, and in some weeks to follow I have decided to give you all a little peak at a few characters from a creater-owned project I am working on with my good friend and fellow cartoonist Susan Tardif. The Project is called “The Raven’s Gambit”. Its an Action/Comedy/Fantasy/Hiest story based on a group of thieves who get in a little bit over their heads. This being the first week of shameless self promotion I decided to give you an illustration of the groups leader, the always lovely Branwynn.

Hope you all enjoy,


Post 08

July 11, 2008

I realized this week that I have yet to draw a pretty lady for this sketchblog. I decided to rectify this error with my first attempt at a drawing of Zatanna. 

Hope you all have a magical weekend…