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Post 29

February 13, 2009

Hey Everyone,

  Since saturday is Valentine’s day I thought it would be a good time for some cheesecake! Hope you guys aren’t on a diet. valentinespidey1Have a good weekend everyone!



Post 21

November 7, 2008

Hey Everybody,

 When will the Rhino Ever learn…Seriously. I finished the first draft coloring on my graphic novel this week so I had a bit more time with this one. I hope you all enjoy it.

rhinospider_flatSee you next week,


Post 19

October 24, 2008

Hey Everybody,

  This week I decided what to draw after rolling a bunch of percentage dice and consulting a couple of hastily constructed tables of possibilities. I ended up with Kraven the hunter, a character I have to confess I never really followed deeply. I did have a bit of fun drawing that Tiger though. Hope you all enjoy it and have a good weekend.

Till next week,