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Post 23

December 24, 2008

  Hey Internet,

It sure has been a while since I was able to post. The holidays have a way of coming down on us all and I am no exception. I hope to get back on schedule beginning next year. Till then I hope you all enjoy this holiday illustration. I wish everyone happy and safe holidays. See you next year…



Post 20

October 30, 2008

Hey Everybody,

  Happy Halloween!!!!! This week it was a little hard to decide what to do. It’s Halloween, so I wanted to do something along that theme. I also wanted to let everyone know that, not only is the first chapter of “The Ravens’ Gambit” ( The creator owned project I’m doing with fellow cartoonist Susan Tardif ) completed, BUT, it is also up on the web. Thats right, the entire first chapter is up and available to be read on its own brand spankin’ new website . In the end I decided to mix the two themes together and dress the main characters of Ravens’ in some fun Halloween attire . 

(Check out the website and get the lowdown on all the characters in their normal habitat.)

  Enjoy your candy everybody!


Post 13

August 28, 2008

Lucky #13 is going to be my final post to be caught up and Lucky me its a pretty one.

  Everybody this is Dorahven. She is the resident student of the Arcane mysteries among the group. She tends to be more interested in finding out why certain types of Magic work than how much gold she can stuff into her bag. She gets along with the group for 3 reasons. 1 She just generally likes the rest of the group.(boring…) 2 The general premise that, Magical things are both expensive and dangerous and you don’t want them being dangerous to you before you can sell them. It never hurts to have some magical protection around for those times when you want more problem solving options than the use of either sharp pointy things or hard bashy things. 

Oh I almost forgot Alexander…. ain’t he cute!!!

Post 12

August 28, 2008


  Thomas is obviously the weakest member of the group.  His frailty is surpassed only by his brutal and truely evil nature. But seriously Thomas is a very strong, intelligent, and caring member of the team. He also functions as the guy who scares the piddle out of people in dark alleys if the job calls for that. He and Jasper go back a very long way and it is a true testament to Thomas’ protective nature that they are both still alive.

   He is and will always be a simple farm boy at heart even if he is off on the other side of the world smashing monsters heads in and calling that an honest days work.

Post 11

August 28, 2008

Wow the Drawings just keep coming…

  Everybody this is Jasper [Little Evil] Thistlefoot. If that was your name wouldn’t you try and come up with your own nickname too? In any case Jasper is the type of guy that couldn’t stay away from trouble if he wanted too. He’s always got an opinion and can always see a way in the plan to make a little bit more money. He’s a very talkative guy with sometimes very silly things to say,but if you need a lock picked or a vault opened he’s your guy. He’s also been best friends with Thomas (whom you will meet next) since either of them can remember. Oh yes, and he stands all of about 3 and a half ft tall.

Post 10

August 28, 2008

Oh internet I haven’t forgotten you… Just… neglected you because of work.

Hi everybody, I  have to apologize for my delay’s. I’ve just finished inking the “Twilight Zone” Graphic novel I’m working on and things got a little tense for time. I plan on making it up to you by dropping 4 posts on you RIGHT NOW to catch myself up.

 I’m continuing the character illustrations for that creator owned book I’m working on. This post is of the Dashing Lucian Fletcher and his faithful and loving companion Abby. Lucian functions as the shy and reserved common sense of the group. He is very easy going and dependable. Also he can shoot the acorn off of a tree at a hundred yards.

just food for thought…

Post 09

July 23, 2008

This week, and in some weeks to follow I have decided to give you all a little peak at a few characters from a creater-owned project I am working on with my good friend and fellow cartoonist Susan Tardif. The Project is called “The Raven’s Gambit”. Its an Action/Comedy/Fantasy/Hiest story based on a group of thieves who get in a little bit over their heads. This being the first week of shameless self promotion I decided to give you an illustration of the groups leader, the always lovely Branwynn.

Hope you all enjoy,